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Helène is a drifter, a free spirit. When her soul mate dies, she too feels closer to death than to life. In a blur of excess and complete emptiness, she loses herself in world-weariness and the question whether human existence is worthwhile. 

In “The Beast In You”, Martina Momo Kunz focuses on suicide, a topic that is often passed over in silence. She asks the kind of questions on stage which usually fall under a middle-class code of silence. Thus, the character Helène ventures into the world of suicide forums, allows herself to be fascinated by death and is engulfed by her deepest self-doubts. Musician Flo Götte accompanies Martina Momo Kunz on this grotesque trip to the darker realms of the human soul. The sounds he coaxes from his electric bass are sometimes subtle, sometimes brutal. An evening with a morbid sense of humor against the taboos of our time! 



“The Beast In You” is the first performance by the group Les Mémoires d’Helène, which Martina Momo Kunz founded after coming in second at PREMIO 2016, a national award for newcomers in theatre and dance in Switzerland. Les Mémoires d’Helène combines performance with story telling and thereby creates its own style of addressing socially relevant topics. Martina Momo Kunz is mostly interested in the absurd, non-conformity and the abysses of human emotions

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